Introduction to Phototherapy
Theory & Practice

Mark Wheeler & Nick Stein
The University of Derby
Saturday February 28th and Sunday March 1st 2009 Cost: £170
CPD Certificate will be issued

What will this event offer?

  • It will provide a space in which to reflect upon and explore the therapeutic potential of the photograph
  • It will provide an overview of the current practice of Phototherapy and Therapeutic Photography in Western Europe
  • It will acknowledge the capacity of projection in working with photographs and dismiss the fantasy that the camera never lies
  • Participants will gain a deeper theoretical and practical understanding of the clinical applications of working with photographs
  • Participants will develop a deeper awareness of the implications for the therapeutic relationship created by working with photographs
  • The psychological aesthetics of making and viewing photographs will be considered
  • Participants will reflect upon what it means and how it feels to make self portraits, to be seen and to control how we are being seen
  • Participants will reflect on the role of photographs in 'making visible' a conscious act
  • Participants will explore ways of combining photographic imagery and other art media
  • Participants will consider the iconic and talismanic capacity of photographs
  • Participants will become aware of the unique range of complex ethical considerations involved in working with photographs
  • Participants will acquire practical transferable skills and techniques that can be taken away with to use in their work.

Who can benefit from this event?

  • Anyone with an interest? applicants will be advised if this event is not suitable for them.
  • Practicing Arts Therapists
  • Counsellors
  • Psychotherapists
  • Family/systemic Therapists
  • Play Therapists
  • Social Workers, field & residential
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Psychiatric Nurses
  • Psychiatrists
  • Family Doctors/General Practitioners
  • Clinical, Health and Counselling Psychologists
  • Trainee Arts Therapists
  • Visual Arts Students intending to pursue therapeutic trainings
  • Creative Expressive Therapy Students
  • Photography Students
  • Arts in Health Practitioners
  • Community Arts Workers

What is a photograph?

  • A traditional print or slide from a family archive
  • An image in a cellphone or cameraphone
  • A negative or jpeg file not yet printed
  • An image constructed photographically for therapeutic purpose
  • A print or slide from another context
  • A photocopy
  • An image clipped from print media
  • An image downloaded from a website

Mark Wheeler was invited keynote speaker at the First International Phototherapy Symposium at The University of Turku, Finland in June 2008. He also presented Bereavement Phototherapy: Conversations with Dead People at a pre-conference workshop on the island of Seili.

Mark Wheeler has been practising phototherapy and therapeutic photography for over 25 years and was the first photography graduate in the UK to qualify as an Art Therapist, writing his 1992 dissertation on Phototherapy after interviewing Judy Weiser at the PhotoTherapy Center in Vancouver. Mark's biography is available on

Nick Stein is Course Leader of M.A. Art Psychotherapy at the University of Derby and has been trained in PhotoTherapy Techniques by Judy Weiser of the Phototherapy Center. Contact Nick for booking and application forms.